The original inspiration behind this page was to put together a list of blogs I follow. I’ve always felt like I discovered new blogs by chance, so I figured a compiled blogroll would be useful to others looking for new and similar-ish blogs to follow.

Then I decided that I should just have a page for all my recommendations in one place. Note that the lists below are by no means exhaustive (I am open to suggestions!).

Table of Contents 📚 Books 📝 Blogs 💻 Software

📚 Books (last updated 2/13/2022)

  • Data Science & Statistics
  • Other (Fiction & Nonfiction)

📝 Blogs (last updated 8/4/2022)

  • Data Science & Statistics
  • Academia
  • Karl Broman - R and academia | biostats professor
  • Live Free or Dichotomize (Lucy D’Agostino McGowan, Nick Strayer) - data science and statistics | stats professor, engineer at RStudio
  • Rebecca Barter - R and data science, e.g. this post on how to organize your repository | stats postdoc
  • Seita’s Place (Daniel Seita) - features some of the most detailed and earnest posts I’ve come across, e.g. his retelling of his oral qualifying exam, as well as highly technical AI topics | cs postdoc
  • SimplyStatistics (Jeff Leek, Roger Peng, Rafa Irizarry) - data science and academia | biostats professors
  • StatsbyLopez (Michael Lopez) - I read his advice about getting a stats PhD back in the day | stats professor
  • Steven V. Miller - R, academia, and political science | polisci professor
  • JHU Biostat Students & Alumni

💻 Software (last updated 2/13/2022)

  • Detexify - find a LaTeX symbol by drawing it
  • Inkscape - free vector graphics editor
  • Mark Text - free markdown editor with real-time preview feature (WYSIWYG)
  • RStudio - free IDE for R
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